Wall Clocks / Regulators

Wall clocks and regulators enhance the beauty of any hotel space, from lobbies and corridors to function spaces and guest rooms.

Grandfather / Floor Clocks

Traditional grandfather clocks have always been a fixture of luxury hotels and resorts. Contemporary floor clocks bring a modern-day flair.

Table / Mantel Clocks

Table clocks, from classic mantel clocks to modern timepieces to museum-quality astronomical clocks, accentuate the décor of any hotel.


The World's Most Exquisite Hotel Clocks

Nothing enhances the look and feel of a luxury hotel or resort like an exquisite clock. And no company makes more exquisite clocks than Hermle. The right timepieces accentuate the architecture, complement the other furnishings, and improve the guest experience. Whether traditional or modern in design, exquisite clocks radiate warmth and beauty across the property, from the lobby and corridors to the restaurants and guest rooms.

Exquisite clocks have always been a central feature of hotel lobbies. The original Grandfather Clock referred to a floor clock in London’s George Hotel. As the story goes, the hotel was owned by two brothers. The death of one of them caused the clock to malfunction, resulting in the death of the second brother. The story inspired the song “My Grandfather’s Clock,” composed in 1875. While grandfather clocks remain popular, today's lobbies are just as apt to showcase a modern floor clock or even a regulator or astronomical clock.

Handmade in Germany or America of the highest quality materials, and backed by the reputation of a century-old company considered to be the best in the business, Hermle floor, table and wall clocks adorn the interiors of thousands of luxury hotels and resorts around the world.
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Authorized Dealers Specializing in Hospitality

As an authorized Hermle business-to-business dealer with expertise in the hospitality sector, we specialize in serving luxury hotels and resorts, including some of the world’s largest and most preeminent brands, with exquisite clocks for their properties. Our customers also include casino, cruise ship, country club and restaurant brands.

Whether you are in the market for one exquisite clock to adorn the lobby of a single property or a hundred exquisite clocks to enhance the corridor or guest room décor across multiple properties, we are committed to meeting your buying needs with outstanding personal service and guaranteed lowest prices.